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Art Therapy

Therapeutic Arts Practice - The benefits of Expressive Creative Arts Therapies

Integrated expressive art therapy helps us to express feelings, process memories and calm our minds, bodies and nervous system.  It is therefore an effective tool for counsellors, psychotherapists and art therapists to use with clients experiencing the pain of trauma as well as many other issues.  When participating in creative arts therapies, you will engage in researched based expressive art experiences to help the healing process.

You may use, drawing, painting, collage, art journalling, Guided Drawing, Clay Field Therapy, and / or Sandplay Therapy.

Expressive, creative arts therapy goes beyond traditional talk therapy. It focuses on creative outlets as arenas of expression.  This therapy can be especially helpful for people who find it difficult to talk about their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Art Therapy can promote:

  • Self Awareness

  • Emotional Well being 

  • Healing

  • Self Esteem

Funding for NDIS Art Therapy can be accessed depending on your recovery goals.

As a qualified Art Therapist registered with ACA Level 4 College of Creative Arts Therapists, fees are charged in accordance with the NDIS Price Guide, which allows $193.99 per hour.

Fees are charged under Line Item: 15_610_0128_1_3 . Therapy or Training - Art Therapist.

Sandplay Therapy

Sandplay Therapy combines 'The World Technique' and Jungian Sandplay Therapy originally developed by Dora Kale.   Kalff integrated Jungian psychology and Buddhist philosophy into her work.  We have integrated these sand therapies tapping into a rich history of over 75 Yeats of clinical application by therapists from around the world.  It is considered one of the most potent yet safe methods of working with clients.  It has been found to be effective in working with a wide range of issues, ranging from existential inner conflicts to PTSD and Trauma.

Guided Drawing  (Copyright Cornelia M. Elbrecht)
Sensorimotor Art Therapy App

Guided Drawing is a bilateral approach that supports body mapping in a trauma informed way.  Clients draw rhythmically related scribbles to express inner tension, patterns if bracing and pain held in body.  In a second step they will apply massage movements according to their needs, often with finger paints or shaving cream.  In this way psychological symptoms can be eased, and the embedded emotions released.  Universal shapes such as Lins, circles or squares can be introduced in order to safely structure the experience. This embodies art therapy approach is informed by neurological insights into the human stress responses.


Clay Field Therapy (Copyright Cornela M. Elbrecht)

Clay Field Therapy can be used with children, adolescents and adults.  Work at the Clay Field is a sensorimotor art therapy and differs from play, sand and visual arts therapy as it focuses on haptic perception; the use of hand and touch as a tool of perception. The Clay Field is a safe modality to use for treating various conditions and transform people who are coping with  past issues of attachment, trauma and developmental issues.

it creates a new sense of self and new coping mechanisms.


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