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Neuro Diverse Couples Counselling

Lover's Shadows

Common Concerns in Neurodiverse relationships are:

  • Lack of emotional Support emotional reciprocity or physical intimacy

  • Communication struggles

  • Feelings of loneliness in the Neuro- typical ( non - ASD) partner

  • Differences in parenting approaches

  • Rigid routines or behaviours, including obsessions/ special interests / hoarding

  • Problems associated with executive functioning ( planning / problem solving )

  • Sensory processing issues

  • Anxiety & Depression or other mental health issues

It is my experience that the relationship where one individual has ASD can be stressful and  hard.  Hard for both individuals!

The partner with ASD can have significant deficits regarding emotional awareness, exectutive functioning skills and sometimes empathy, to name a few.

The neuro – tpical partner can become highly stressed due to the constant underlying issues facing the relationship.  Lonliness, extreeme stress, soical isolation are all common.

Counselling can help couples.  Working from Gottman’ s evidenced based research, ‘The Relationship House’ can help couples who are struggling to connect.

The book “The Five Love Languages” by Dr Gary Chapman, can also be an excellent starting point for relationship work.

People express and recieve love in different ways.  Dr Gary Chapman identifies the five langusages of love.  These languages  can be taught and expressed as rules for the relationship.  Once we know the other’s love language, we can learn to speak it.

Which language do you speak?

  1. Quality Time

  2. Words of Affirmation

  3. Gifts

  4. Acts of Servcie

  5. Physical Touch

Holding Hands in the Sunshine
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