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Counselling ~ Teens, Young Adults

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At Autism Counselling, we strive to provide highly experienced therapists who are able to connect with clients on the spectrum and are able to identify with and help manage the challenges faced by clients as they navigate their social world and their own anxieties.

We recognise that the ASD population presents with higher co-morbidity of mental health issues than the typical population.  We work with medical and psychiatric support and provide appropriate referrals, and work collaboratively with treatment teams to help monitor the clients progress.

Relationship where one individual has ASD can be stressful and  hard.  Hard for both individuals!

The partner with ASD can have significant deficits regarding emotional awareness, executive  functioning skills and sometimes empathy, to name a few.

The neuro – typical partner can become highly stressed due to the constant underlying issues facing the relationship.  Loneliness extreme stress, social isolation are all common.

Counselling can be a good way of looking after yourself. 

It can provide a safe way to explore and express the feelings of the darker side of the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Counselling can provide parents with an outlet for difficult , heated and uncomfortable emotions. It can give parents a safe place to explore some of the feelings about the changes brought into their lives by the diagnosis of ASD.

Counselling can help parents to manage stress, communicate, strengthen their relationships and protect their sense of self.

Counselling can be beneficial for individuals and families regarding issues such as:


Behavioural Issues

Schools Issues

New Diagnosis

Children with ASD :

Children who have ASD will sometimes be confused and anxious. Counselling can help by looking at specific issues that are affecting the child, working out strategies to help the child cope, or just lend a listening ear to their struggles.

Fostering Self-Regulation:

For many of us, controlling our emotions and body comes fairly naturally.  For others, this is not the case.  Those with regulation difficulties lack this innate ability to think through and succeed in everyday situations.  For them, emotional control and self-regulation must be learned and practiced.

Autism Counselling uses cutting edge Zones of Regulation Therapy to support students with social and self-regulation challenges.

Teens and Young Adults with ASD can really  struggle with the pressures of life transitions, puberty as well as Mental Health Issues. The purpose of our counselling sessions this is to teach foundation skills required for social interactions as well as help support the individual though the complexities of negotiating the social world.

Skills taught may include:

  • Theory of mind

  • Problem solving

  • Play & Social Skills

  • Relaxation,

  • Coping skills, stress management

  • Conversation skills

  • Understanding & responding to bullying

  • Non-verbal communication skills

  • Understanding & responding to sarcasm

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