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Employment Related Assisted Counselling

We are able to provide Employment Assisted related assessment  and counselling supports to NDIS participants who want to overcome barriers that are holding them back from finding or keeping a job.

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Our Service

At Autism Counselling, our employment - related assessment and counselling service can empower individuals with ASD to embark on meaningful careers by providing specialised NDIS Employment - Related Assessment and Counselling sessions.  Through personalised vocational assessments and employment counselling sessions, we work closely with you to identify your strengths , skills and experience. By gaining a deeper understanding of your abilities and interests, we can tailor career counselling to guide you towards suitable job opportunities that match your interests and talents.

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How we can help

Our counsellors and social workers can preform vocational assessments for NDIS participants who may need a greater level of support to develop occupational goals and successful pathway to engage in meaningful employment. The purpose of a vocational assessment is to analyse your transferable skills, experience and qualifications and help identify your employment potential and career opportunities.

Vocational assessments allow you to plan for your future - assisting with:

  • Vocational Counselling and Planning

  • Redefining your career goals

  • Exploring your purpose

  • Building emotional and mental resilience

  • Overcoming work challenges

  • Providing assessment tools supporting decision making

  • Soft skills training ; Interview Skills, Resume writing etc

NDIS Support Category Name : Finding and keeping a Job

Line Item: 10_011_0128_5_3

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