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Emotional Regulation Skills

Always Moving?

Always Moving?

Is your child often trying to use physical activity to self regulate?

Often Frustrated

Often Frustrated

Does your child become easily frustrated?

Highly Emotional?

Highly Emotional?

Do small setbacks create major emotions?

Often Fidgeting?

Often Fidgeting?

Does your child need to find some strategies to clam down?

Is your Child...

ZONES of Regulation


Fostering Self-Regulation:

For many of us, controlling our emotions and body comes fairly naturally.  For others, this is not the case.  Those with regulation difficulties lack this innate ability to think through and succeed in everyday situations.  For them, emotional control and self-regulation must be learned and practiced.

Autism Counselling uses cutting edge Zones of Regulation Therapy to support students with social and self-regulation challenges.

Program Basis:

Based on the work of Leah Kuypers, M.Ad, OTR/L, the Zones curriculum is a cognitive behaviour management approach that emphasises each students ability to self-regulate, given the appropriate tools and strategies to practice.

The Program:

The Zones of Regulation Curriculum includes learning activities to help students recognise when they are in the different zones (states of arousal) as well as lessons on how to use strategies to or tools to regulate the zones they are in.  Calming techniques and thinking strategies are explored along with sensory supports so students have a tool box of strategies from which they can choose to help self-regulate.

To further explore the concept of self-regulation, students gain an increased vocabulary of emotional terms, skills in reading facial expressions, perspective on how others see and react to their behaviour, insights about events that trigger their behaviour, and problem solving skills.

Executive functioning skills are addressed in order to increase flexible thinking, awareness of impulse control and understanding the big picture.

Who Can Benefit?

The Zones of Regulation strategies are applicable to pre-school students through to adults in all levels of regular and special education.

The Zones program is geared towards students who struggle with self-regulation, including anger management, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, flexibility and self – control.

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