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Social Work

Introducing Kalen Eshin providing Social Worker Service to families and Individuals

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Social work can provide existing counselling clients with information, referral, advocacy and holistic needs - based assessments where adverse circumstances are impacting on their well being and potentially on the efficacy of counselling.

Social Work can be accessed through clients NDIS funding .

How can Our Social Worker Help?

Personal & Family Mental Health:

Our Social Worker has experience in providing individuals and families with mental health support.

Information & Referral to NDIS:

Our Social Worker is is knowledgeable in regards to what NDIS services are available and can help you find the right services for you.

Co - ordination with Facilitating linkage to relevant services:

Once we have found and referred you to the right services, we can facilitate connecting you with the service provider and make sure you are prepared.

Advocacy for individuals, families and people experiencing social disadvantage:

Our Social Worker can provide advocacy services for NDIS participants why may need extra support to access services or resolve conflicts.

Our Social Worker can support NDIS participants . The social worker can connect you with supports services and provide advise and guidance on range of NDIS - related matters. We are dedicated to improving the lives of our clients and making the world a better place for everyone. 

If you would like to speak to our Social Worker, please contact us on 0414 487 509 .

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