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The Role of Counselling with Clients with ASD

Traditionally, counselling has not been the focus of therapy for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Both children and adults can benefit from counselling.  It can provide an avenue to combine sound behavioural practices with compassionate exploration of the experience of  living with ASD.

Each individual’s experiences are different and the impact of ASD on every individual and family is unique.

At Autism Counselling, we strive to provide highly experienced therapists who are able to connect with clients on the spectrum and are able to identify with and help manage the challenges faced by clients as they navigate their social world and their own anxieties.

We recognise that the ASD population presents with higher co-morbidity of mental health issues than the typical population.  We work with medical and psychiatric support and provide appropriate referrals, and work collaboratively with treatment teams to help monitor the clients progress.

We have witnessed the tremendous benefit that counselling can provide to parents, raising a child on the spectrum.

Counselling can be helpful for:



Individuals with ASD




Neuro Diverse Couples

Counselling can be beneficial for individuals and families regarding issues such as:


Behavioural Issues

Schools Issues

New Diagnosis


Mental Health Issues

Relationship Issues when one partner has ASD.

Stress / Anxiety / Depression.

Sleep Issues.

Issues after a new diagnosis.

Behavioural Issues.

Genetic issues

Learning Difficulties

Feelings of isolation

Older children and forward planning

Smiling little boy talking with cheerful

Sometimes children need to talk...

Children with ASD :

Children who have ASD will sometimes be confused and anxious. Counselling can help by looking at specific issues that are affecting the child, working out strategies to help the child cope, or just lend a listening ear to their struggles.

Issues such as:

Social Issues

Feelings of isolation

Anger and aggression

Adjustment and separation 

(Parent Separation / Divorce)


Sibling Issues

Worry, anxiety, depression

Self Esteem / Identity issues

Siblings of a child with ASD:

Siblings of a child with ASD can often feel upset, embarrassed or neglected . Often counselling can help the sibling vent some of the unspoken issues and let them feel heard.

Issues such as:

Sibling Rivalry


Feelings of anger / frustration

Strategies to deal with inappropriate behaviour

Cute little girl at child psychologist's

Carer Support

Counselling can be a good way of looking after yourself. 

It can provide a safe way to explore and express the feelings of the darker side of the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Counselling can provide parents with an outlet for difficult , heated and uncomfortable emotions. It can give parents a safe place to explore some of the feelings about the changes brought into their lives by the diagnosis of ASD.

Counselling can help parents to manage stress, communicate, strengthen their relationships and protect their sense of self.

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