NDIS Information

Autism Counselling is a registered NDIS Provider


Our Therapists are able to provide services to Self Managed participants, Plan Managed Participants. as well as participants managed by NDIA.

Autism Counselling & NDIS: 

Type of Service (Support Category)

When planning for the NDIS – If you would like to access services with Autism Counselling, the Support Category is:


Improved Daily Living:

(Support Category 3.15) Individual Counselling; Line Item:15_043_0128_1_3

When booking your first appointment with us, you will be asked to provide your NDIS information to us to help us provide you with the best treatment options to suit your needs.

You will be provided with a service agreement with your treatment goals and cost of service.

We will need your NDIS Participant Number, your date of birth and the email address of your plan manager.